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Happy & Healthy New Year

New Year new start, feel happy and healthy with fresh plants for your home or office environment.

Fresh Plants can offer benefits far beyond simple aesthetics. People find solace in spaces decorated with abundant greenery. University studies in both the United States and Europe have concluded that with the presence of plants people take fewer sick days, feel less stress, and view their work space more positively.

Breathe new life into dreary spaces, lighten the mood in areas. From cacti to canes, palms to succulents, plants can enhance any space while invigorating your senses. Our team at The Flower Shop are here to help with any space small or large in homes, offices & hotels.

After the initial consultation, we will conduct a light survey of your space to determine which plants will thrive in your environment. Once the correct lighting levels are determined, our designers will help you select the best suited plants for you.

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To complement the plants we also have a large selection of pots, baskets & planters to complete the look.