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A beautiful Dutch grown, twin stemmed Pink orchid, is presented in a neutral ceramic pot; a beautiful addition to any home. Colours may vary slightly throughout the season.


Plants will arrive in bud. Care Instructions- Please unpack and check your plant immediately on receipt. If the bark compost seems very dry, add a little water. Position- Stand the orchid indoors in a light position, but not in harsh sun: a north-, east-, or west-facing windowsill is ideal. Maintain a temperature of between 18 and 25°C (65-75°F) and don’t trap behind closed curtains at night. Care- Keep the bark compost moist, but not wet, checking every few days and adding a little water when required. Tap water can be used, but soft water (eg rain water) is preferable if available. Where possible, water over a sink and allow any excess water to drain out. If access to the pot is difficult or the plant can’t be removed from its outer container, place two ice cubes per week on the compost surface to slowly provide water as they melt. Remove any dying flower when they are almost ready to fall off, without pulling hard. Phalaenopsis orchids will flower for several weeks and often for 3 months or more. After flowering, cut back the stem part-way down, just above a node or ‘eye’, while the stem is still green. New growth will start from this node and should produce some further flowers after 2-3 months.


Alternatively, cut the spent stem off at base level and the plant should produce a completely new flowering stem several months later. Caution- Protect all surfaces as scratching or staining may occur. Glass containers should not be put in direct sunlight or picked up by the rim.

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